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Our Honest Truth #2 Overcoming Learning Challenges

As I am sure you realized, we love our tutors over here at Paige's Tutoring. So naturally we love to hear what they have to say. We wanted to discuss what it’s like with one of our tutors and how they overcame challenges themselves when they were in your shoes.

Can you describe what an average tutoring session with you is like?

  1. “When I work with students, I start by asking about their day. While we chat, we begin to organize their assignments or "to do" list for our session. I find this brings more enjoyment to doing our work as a team. During the session, I will ask my students to check off what they accomplished and put away/organize their completed work. I've noticed this helps with goal setting and organizational skill development. “ - Paige N.

  1. “My sessions always begin with a check in. I see how the student is doing and how their day was so that they know that I care about them beyond just tutoring. After, we begin to go over our goals for the session and what to expect during the tutoring time. We begin the tutoring and finalize what steps we will be taking next time in order to achieve the goal.” - Kylie M.

Do you see a common theme with these answers? Checking in with you or your student is always a top priority, and it helps us plan our session going forward. Our goal is to make your tutoring experience enjoyable and make the most of our time together.

Tell us about a time you overcame an academic challenge and tell us how it changed you.

  1. “High school math was not my strong suit. When I wasn't doing well on exams and homework, I dedicated time to sit with my teacher before school, at lunch and after school before my sports practices almost everyday. Mrs Childress taught me the value of perseverance and dedication.” - Paige N.

  2. “I just overcame a challenge by reviving my principalship from ASU. It was hard work! I am full time teaching, going to school, and tutoring so managing my time and schedule is a challenge amongst itself. I am very proud.” - Kylie M.

We got a little personal with these answers, but it's important for us to show that even at one time our tutors struggled! Overcoming the challenge is the hardest part, but the lesson learned and the successful outcome is what makes it worth it! We are proud of our tutors and the challenges they have overcome to be where they are today.

Let us help you overcome the challenge you are experiencing now. We have tutors available now for sessions during the summer. Help retain the information from the school year and get prepared for next year by joining us for some summer sessions.

For more information about tutoring, please feel free to reach out to us at or by giving us a call at (480) 399 8895.

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