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How Much Does Tutoring Cost?

Academic Tutoring:

In- Home & Online Tutoring  $70/hr


In-Home & Online  $95/hr

Do You Accept ESA Funding?

We accept and support all ESA Families and are recognized as an Accredited Classwallet Vendor in Arizona.

What are your cancellation Policies?

Cancellation Policy

Clients are responsible for all lessons scheduled. Please understand that when a client misses/cancels a scheduled lesson within 24 hours, it precludes the tutor the possibility of earning income (from another student) during the lesson time because it was specifically reserved for the client.

If a client cannot attend one of the scheduled lessons, please let us know as soon as possible. Students are permitted to cancel a lesson with a minimum of 24 hours notice. Missed lessons that are not canceled in advance (24 hours minimum notice) will be subjected to be charged the full amount.

Clients who cancel a lesson 24 hours before the scheduled lesson are eligible to select a different time mutually convenient to the student and tutor.

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