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Our Honest Truth #1 by Paige’s Tutoring Educators

Our amazing team of tutors have a combined trove of knowledge that is dying to reach new light. This new column Our Honest Truth is the perfect way to share not only Paige’s insights, but the wisdom, tips, and truths from our tutoring team and coaches.

You may be wondering, what kind of skills would my tutors teach me to use in order to be successful. Okay, maybe that wasn’t the number one question on your mind, but let's pretend it is. I went ahead and asked every single one of our tutors the question “What are your top two skills for staying organized that you share with your students?” and compiled the top 3 answers. So without any further delay, here are our top responses for this question of the month.

Private Tutor

First: Carve out time once a week for about 20 minutes to review the schedule for the upcoming week. For each item, review a mental (or physical) checklist for each event and ensure you are prepared for each one. This will also allow you to create a to-do list for pending items that still need to be completed.

Second: Set a reminder for your planning window so that you never miss it and make it FUN. Do you like hot chocolate? Make a cup and drink it while you plan! Design your planning window so that you look forward to it. - Michelle P.

Private Tutor

First: Create a list of things that need to be accomplished and prioritize the most important or timely one to do first.

Second: Staying organized can be a lot of work at first, but once you find a routine that works for you, you’ll thank yourself for the extra time you have later on. - Kylie M.

Private Tutor

First: Good Labeling:Labeling notes is important because it'll help students find their specific notes faster.

Second: Keyword Underlining: Underlining focus terms and notes is pretty important for topic prioritization. Makes it more likely you'll remember the topics your instructor is looking for in exams and whatnot. - Christopher P.

Are these tips ones you’ve heard before? If not comment below!

If you have heard them before, comment below your best unknown tip. Now to get the really good tips, you’ll have to book with a tutor (P.S. We have tutors available NOW!) and see what new skills you can learn in order to succeed. Thank you and we look forward to making a difference!

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