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10 Vocab Words & Study Prep

College entrance exams are a critical step in the academic journey of many students. These tests often include sections that assess a student's vocabulary and language skills. A strong vocabulary is not only essential for acing these exams but also for succeeding in college and beyond. While we can’t go over all the vocabulary words, we can definitely go over 10 of the most frequently used words and their meanings.


Definition: Holding fast, persistent, determined.

Example: Her tenacious pursuit of excellence led her to the top of her class.


Definition: Present, appearing, or found everywhere.

Example: Smartphones have become ubiquitous in modern society.


Definition: Dealing with things sensibly and realistically.

Example: His pragmatic approach to problem-solving made him an effective leader.


Definition: Fluent or persuasive in speaking or writing.

Example: The president's eloquent speech inspired the nation.


Definition: Showing selfless concern for the well-being of others.

Example: Her altruistic nature led her to volunteer at the local homeless shelter.


Definition: Mysterious, difficult to understand or interpret.

Example: The Mona Lisa's smile has always been enigmatic to art enthusiasts.


Definition: Having a harmful effect, especially in a gradual or subtle way.

Example: The pernicious influence of social media on mental health is a growing concern.


Definition: A harsh, discordant mixture of sounds.

Example: The cacophony of car horns in rush hour traffic can be overwhelming.


Definition: Fond of company; sociable.

Example: He was known for his gregarious personality and ability to make friends easily.


Definition: The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

Example: Their unexpected meeting at the bookstore was a serendipitous moment.

Strategies for Vocabulary Mastery:

Contextual Learning: Instead of rote memorization, try to learn new words in context by reading books, articles, and essays. This will help you understand how these words are used naturally.

Flashcards: Create flashcards with the word, its definition, and an example sentence. Review them regularly to reinforce your memory.

Practice Tests: Use practice exams to identify words you're unfamiliar with. Make a list of these words and work on mastering them.

Use Vocabulary Apps: There are several smartphone apps designed to improve vocabulary. These apps often incorporate games and quizzes to make learning engaging.

Join a Vocabulary Group: Consider joining a vocabulary study group or an online community where you can discuss and practice words with others.

Read Widely: Reading extensively exposes you to a variety of words in different contexts. This is one of the most effective ways to expand your vocabulary.

A robust vocabulary is a valuable asset, not only for acing college entrance exams but also for succeeding in college and beyond. By learning and mastering words like the ones discussed in this article, you'll not only improve your test scores but also enhance your communication skills and critical thinking abilities. So, embark on your vocabulary-building journey today, and watch as your academic and personal horizons expand.

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