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We are about halfway through summer break and I am sure that your kids have the same complaints as mine. They're bored. Summer vacation doesn’t have to be all video games, TV and the occasional summer outing, sometimes good ol fashion educational games can be the way to go.This summer do these activities from our summer packets to keep your kids productively engaged. These will help your kids' minds stay sharp for the upcoming school year.

Board Games

Playing board games has become a lost form of entertainment. These are specifically best if you have multiple kids running around the house because then they can keep themselves entertained. If there isn’t another child running around, join in and watch your child learn problem solving skills. The growth a child can have in a short amount of time is almost magical.


Have a couple of old puzzles laying around? Put them to use and have your child put them together! This activity is great for a single child or multiple people to have fun and learn how to build strategies and put them to action. Make sure to find a puzzle on your child’s level though, if not it could lead to frustration and a lack of interest all together.

Mental Math Games

These may be a tad trickier to find but a quick google search or app store should get you in the right place. Having games available for your child that involve mental math are not only educational, but they can be fun too. Plus, they have the bonus of getting their screen time in the meantime.


Growing up, Riddles were one of my favorite things to do. These involve a lot of mental gymnastics and really get your brain going. The critical thinking skills that develop through working riddles are unmatched. Pick up a riddle book from your local bookstore or even search for a list of riddles on Google. Making the answer the WIFI password is a good way to make sure they are completing their daily riddles.


This summer activity is great for all ages and can be as creative or uncreative as you need it to be. Truly only needing a pencil and some paper, youtube has great tutorials on how to sketch or draw that are completely free. Throw in some paint and I guarantee you will have your toddlers' attention as well.

Make this summer the best summer ever by trying some of these activities. All of these are budget friendly and can keep your child entertained for hours. It keeps their mind sharp for the next school year as well.

If you need help finding summer learning activities for your child, reach out to us today at 480.399.8895 or by filling out the form on our website

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