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No Shame In Summer School

Growing up, hearing the words “summer school” was the dread of my existence. Fortunately, the idea of summer school has changed the more I have grown. Nowadays, summer school is a normal, regular thing in households for reasons other than being behind. Summer school, or summer tutoring programs, can benefit a child in more ways than one. Here's how:

Lowers Stress

Learning during the summer allows students to work in a stress free environment. Along with that, there is no standardized testing to worry about. Students get to learn at a solid pace with less distractions and less stress about studying for tests. This time allows freedom to ask questions and solve problems that sometimes would be too embarrassing to approach during the school year.

Getting Ahead

Summer school or summer tutoring can help your child not only maintain their knowledge but prepare them for new concepts before the school year even starts. Having this advantage means when hearing this material from their teacher in school, it won’t be the first time they hear about it, lessening the amount of stress of trying to comprehend the entire lesson in one sitting. They will be one step ahead!

Building Routine

Routine is key for most kids. Keeping a routine as close as possible to the school year is ideal for making sure they are able to stay focused and can even improve their behavior. Routine can apply to the way students formulate the way they approach homework, setting up for their day and even studying. Learning core skills is crucial for long term success.

Times have changed and maintaining your child’s knowledge through the summer has become a top priority. Retaining the knowledge needed to succeed in the next school year can be vital to a student’s success. If you’re ready to set your child up for success, book with one of our tutors today by giving us a call at 480.399.8895 or by reaching out at

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