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Our Honest Truth September: Back to School

August was a busy month for most of us. The preparation of back to school and the jitters of a new school year is enough to keep most of us on our toes. Personally, I remember the feeling of going back to school and it was one of my favorite feelings. Walking through the stationary aisles of the store to pick out fresh school supplies was a great feeling. As a parent now, I understand the frustration of going back to school. Fighting crowds to get school supplies that, let’s be honest, will end up missing or destroyed by the time winter comes.

This month, I asked our tutors to share if they liked going back to school and what their favorite part was.

“Yes! I loved going back to school after the summer. I loved getting my teacher lists and picking out all of my cute course materials for each class! Though school was difficult for me, I enjoyed learning and making meaningful connections with my peers” - Paige N.

“Yes, I loved the school supplies” - Cassandra V.

“I did! I loved finding out who my teacher was and going back to school shopping!” - Emma S.

We must be a tutoring company by the overwhelming amount of joy we get with going back to school. The joy of school never seemed to leave any of us, hence why we are here to help today! On a side note, I also asked our tutors who their favorite teacher was and why. Here are some of their responses.

“My favorite teacher to this day was my high school French teacher Mme Cresser. She was one of those teachers who wasn’t just a teacher, she was a life changer. Her class was a safe place no matter where you went. I still keep in touch with her, too!” - Emma S.

“Mrs. Dancer who remembered my brother (7yrs older) and then me who we both had for first grade, as well as a librarian. She inspired us to enjoy reading, enjoy stories, and opened our minds for video games and writing. THEN later on in middle school, I had another Mrs. Dancer, her daughter-in-law who inspired my love of space with her favorite movie October Sky. For those who don't know, I went to college for research into making space travel safer for humans.” - Cassandra V.

“Mrs. Childress. She was my math teacher 4 years in a row and she truly taught me how to persevere and put in the work to make changes in areas I was weak in. I value her teaching techniques and still carry those into my life as an adult.” - Paige N.

Everyone has a teacher who inspires them to do great things with their education and life. That is one of the many things we love about teaching, is watching our students transform right before our eyes and get the inspiration to do great things with their lives. Teachers and tutors have that in common with each other; the love of inspiring others in their education.

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