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How To Prevent Summer Learning Loss

Summer is a time for fun and relaxation, but too much can lead to learning loss. After all, when you don’t use it, you lose it -- especially when it comes to brain dumping a school year’s worth of lessons. According to Forbes, "Students lose almost 90% of what they have learned over the year. The effect of the summer is so pronounced, that even if the differences in learning rates over the school year could be eliminated, children would still end up with very different achievement rates as a result of the summer break alone."

Ways to Prevent Summer Learning Loss:

1.Daily Reading

Whether your student is starting Kindergarten this upcoming school year or entering into their senior year of High School, reading is critical. For grades K-5 reading aloud, and allowing your child to read along with you will help with language, social skills, memory, and pronunciation. For grades 6-12 reading a minimum of 20 minutes is ideal to keeping the mind healthy and growing efficiently.

2. Encouragement

Motivating your student to work on their academics is the best way to encourage your child to grow. Setting time apart to wok on school assigned summer work or independent work, will encourage healthy habits and avoid sloth-like summer behavior and create healthy screen time.

3. Help Where You Can

Help your child navigate through their summer long projects, summer reading, math packets and anything else. By creating goals for any daunting summer task will encourage your student that they can get through it. Help your student by creating visual plans and timelines, this is a great step to raising a successful time manager.

4. Take your child to the library or bookstore.

Letting your child pick out their own books will help them feel more in control of their learning and reading opportunities. The bookstores and libraries will also offer unique reading related activities to help your child look forward to reading. You can also offer these trips as rewards!

Here are some additional tips:

  • Make sure your child gets enough sleep. Sleep is essential for learning and memory consolidation.

  • Encourage your child to eat healthy foods. A healthy diet will help your child stay energized and focused.

  • Limit screen time. Too much screen time can interfere with learning and development.

  • Get outside and play! Exercise is a great way to stay healthy and learn new things.

  • Spend time with family and friends. Social interaction is important for cognitive development.

Are you ready to help your child have a fun and productive summer that will set them up for success in the fall? If you need a hand, or have any questions we’re here for you 480-399-8895

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